Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This isn't what it looks like. Ok, it is.

So I kinda remember saying during Mofo that I was going to eat a little more healthy this month. That's kinda happened. But then there's this
That may or may not be a plate of fried green tomatoes, mashed taters and jalapeno poppers. In my defense I had green tomatoes to use up as well as a surplus of jalapenos that were just begging for popperdom.

Also, when I said I would be caught up with mofo posts in a week. Well, as you can probably guess by my absence over the last few weeks I am still not caught up. Work is burying me in loads of work in preparation for the holidays. I'm hoping to plow through it and just have normal days at work again soon but we'll see.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

It was my birthday on Friday. I did a little work but over all it was a pretty nice day. It's kinda still going as I just received another gift of yummy chocolate peanut butter bars from one of my work team mates. They are super yum.
I received my present early from Lex. A couple weeks ago he brought home this beauty.
and out of the box.
Actually the rack that it's on is a bit of a present too as I couldn't really keep it on the counter. It's too tall so I can't open the cupboards.

My friend Megan gave me the grooviest My Little Pony card. Do I have to tell you that I loved My Little Pony when I was a kid? I didn't think so. Along with was a rainbow wood spoon. It's so pretty. And a gift card to a local kitchen store Kiss The Cook.
Lex and I met up at New Ethic for lunch. We split a Sweet Chili Burger and Chicken Ranch. So really, you all need to make a trip to Burlington and hit up New Ethic. They are groovy peoples and make some delicious foods.

Back home I had to make some cookies and put that new mixer to use. I also started munching the delicious Pfefferminz bar I received from Amey at Vegan Eats & Treats. Holy hell this is a tasty chocolate bar.
Then, Lex and I went to dinner at Single Pebble. Buddha Beef. Salt and Pepper Tofu. Dry Fried Green Beans. Aw yeah. No pics, sorry. Too busy stuffing my face.

We got out in time for a showing of Quantum of Solace. I think Daniel Craig is the bestest Bond ever.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

End of VeganMoFo 2008

As VeganMoFo '08 comes to a close I wanted to make a quick post thanking everyone for their fantastic stories, insightful product reviews, drool worthy food porn and delicious recipes. I have hundreds of posts still to read. I managed to keep up for about the first week or so but then things just careened out of control but I will keep reading and now that most people will slow down on the blogging I should catch up in another week. The recipes will probably take a year to catch up on but no matter. I love collecting recipes, tried and to be tried.

Congratulations to everyone who acheived MoFoEnlightenment (20 or more posts) during the month. I think we did a fantastic job wreaking havoc on the net for the month. With our excessive posts you can be sure there will be many more hits for vegan related searches. The most awesome thing being that some of these hits will teach nonvegans how unscary we are. Notice I didn't say "unweird" because I myself am all kinds of weird. Even if you didn't make loads of posts, mofo probably got you thinking a little bit more about cooking, about being vegan, about other vegans, about introducing people to veganism, about something! Hopefully everyone will continue with awesome blogginess because I hope to carry on following the journey.

I enjoyed mofo although I am a little glad it's over for now. I work in retail and we are about to begin the crazy season. Although with the economy, it may not be as crazy as hoped. If mofo had been in November there is a distinct possiblility I would not have made it.

Thanks again for an awesome mofo everyone!

Happy Halloween!

It is time again for the little ones (and the not so little ones) to go door to door demanding tooth rotting goodies. They will fill their sacks then go home, or to a friends home, where they will dump out aforementioned tooth rotting goodies onto a surface. Probably their bed if they are home or maybe their floor. Secure in their room where they can stay on their guard and watch all angles of approach for any candy snatchers. They will sort out the good candy from the gross and then attempt to trade the "gross" candy with friends like depreciated currency. Do you remember this? If you are really lucky 10 packets of candy corn might buy you a fun size snickers from your friend's "keep" pile but usually those items are not for sale. You can only purchase from what your friend has deemed "gross" or at least less then good. Often your get rid of pile and theirs has many matching items but if your lucky your buddy actually doesn't like chocolate in which case you have struck gold. This is what parents should be advising their kids on. How to pick trick or treating buddies. Pick someone who doesn't like what you like (like chocolate) so that you can buy all that stuff they don't like with stuff you don't like. You're doing them a favor after all and helping their candy economy.

Ok enough with the trick or treating. I, for the first time ever, made Halloween goodies. Or a Halloween goody. Spiderweb cuppers. I used the vanilla cuppies recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (a crazy awesome book that you should run out and buy right now if you don't have it yet, how could you not have it yet anyway, get a friend to buy it for you if you can't, truly, get the book, bake more cupcakes!). I frosted them with the basic chocolate ganache recipe and helped Mrs Spider build her web with a quickie royal icing.
After webbing we enjoyed a quick fried rice dinner and for desert enjoyed one of these delicious looking treats only to find Mrs Spider had already caught some suculent flies.
Well the next time someone asks you where you get protein you can tell them you pick flies out of spider webs. Ok I'm just being silly. They are just currants but they are almost grossly the size of flies.