Monday, March 18, 2013

Meal Plan Wednesday (6/3/13)

This was a weird week where everything was trying it's best not to fall into place.  We made it through pretty well mostly winging dinner as most of the meal plan was thrown out the window.
Cheese Mac (Vegan Diner 104) with Hamburger Steaks
I was really pleased with this mac & cheese and the addition of the last of my fresh spinach didn't hurt either. The side of hamburger steaks is a recipe I bookmarked ages ago as the flavor profile sounded like something to try out (my main reason for bookmarking anything burger like these days).  I skipped the gluten and the steaming step (since that for the benefit of cooking the gluten properly).  They were definitely a nice natural side for the mac.  Especially topped with left over bbq sauce.

Veggie and Lentil Soup.  Lex cooked tonight.  The Noodle and I were out early in the morning stomping around town hitting the library and visiting ducks.  Then we all went out for our big weekly shop finally.  By the time we hit the checkout the Noodle could hardly hold her head up.  She nearly fell asleep twice during the day but when it came to laying down for a little nap . . . oh heck no! so she was tired and velcro'd to mum for much of the day.  So Lex stepped up and threw together this delicious soup.  It's another reminder that a good veggie soup is only a little way away.  Raid your fridge and cupboards, chop chop chop, simmer simmer, yum yum!

Thai Red Curry over brown rice.  Lex cooked this one too!  I know! You don't have to tell me!  Enough with the exclamation points though  . . . well maybe one more. . .  This was so good!  The Noodle thought so too.  She ate a little of everything in this dish.  It helps that she has an undying love for coconut.  Thai curry is another one of those awesome dishes that goes together pretty quickly like a soup if you keep the curry paste around.

Not your Average Potato Soup
I recently discovered Oh She Glows and I have to say I'm hooked.  I haven't explored the rest of the site but the recipes are great and the photography gets your mouth watering.  If you need help with making delicious healthy meals this is a must visit for you.  This week has been all about the one pot meals.  They are perfect when you can only steal away 2 minutes at a time away from your clingy toddler.  This is a super easy recipe that you can get together on a busy weekday night with no problem.  It will also keep well for a couple days in the fridge if you are one to do some cooking in advance.  I followed the recipe as written then added to it to fill it out and fill the pot.  I added an additional half pound of potatoes and half cup of lentils (I don't have the split lentils in the house so used whole) then snuck in some carrots.  I know it's supposed to be potato soup but the original is both a potato soup but a lentil soup too.  It's like the two got together and had a baby anyway so I said to heck with it.  Carrots go with everything.

Chickpea Crockpot Pie with Biscuit topping
Another recent blog discovery, Peas and Thank you.  Not a veg blog but enough wholesome family meals that there are plenty of veg options and things to be modified to such.  The photo really sucked me in with winter making it's usual last hurrah in March it just looked so cozy.  As you'd expect I subbed veg options for butter and milk.  For the biscuits I used spelt flour and skipped the nutritional yeast and herbs.  I'm sure they would have made tasty additions but Noodlepants was helping me and she can be a bit over zealous with the herbs and spices.  Also we are pretty low on nooch.  As one of the more expensive ingredients we use I'm trying to spread it out a bit.

We didn't make it to the market this week and Noodle is all about being Mama's shadow these days so she's doing everything I'm doing.  Both of these things probably contributed to the off-ness of the week.  I look forward to our market trips.  Hopefully we get back to them next week.

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