Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday (week of 3/12/2012)

This past week we stayed pretty true to our meal plan as far as food but as usual I switched up the days.

Not a lot of pics but some notes:
Shepherd's Pie - should have made two, we like leftovers for lunches.  I usually don't even actually make a "pie" so much as a stew of the filling ingredients and some nice mash to go with it.  Time and energy saver and just as satisfying in my opinion.
Bacon Cheese Burger - This was the second time I've made this burger recipe.  It's nice and moist while still being firm and it doesn't use vital wheat gluten which I just don't have on hand and no hope of getting any time soon.  I, as you can see, opted to make some rolls.  It turned out I had the time and it just makes the whole thing more burgery.  Super yum, especially the coconut bacon.  I've made this before but it's been a while.  The Noodle really likes her "crunchy bits."  The fries are swede fries as we had one of these to use.
Spicy Roast Potatoes and Lentil pea curry - I had methi (fenugreek) seeds rather than leaves that's why this was only inspired by the recipes above.  Both were really good.  Actually the lentils and peas were especially tasty but then I've always loved my green peas and lentil dal type foods are usually nice and cozy comforting on these cold days.  I had the lentils already cooked and in the fridge so this came together pretty quickly and mostly while holding Miss Noodlepants.
Chickpea Veggie Quiche - This was nice and I will be putting this into regular rotation.  I ended up making two smaller ones with red pepper, onion, kale, and peas.  More kale and onion on the side.  Noodle ate the kale and picked out the peas from the quiche.  I found this to be fairly quiche like but lacking in the heaviness and overly richness that I remember egg quiches having (not that I had that many before going veg).  I will be making this again with a couple adjustments, the biggest one is doubling the filling batter but that was my mistake for splitting the recipe between two crusts to begin with.

Cincinnati Chili with Vermont Common Crackers - no crackers so those are still on the list of things to make one day.  I thought it might be a bit ambitious.  Made the chili flavor profile but with more veggies and over pasta.  Yum!

The Noodle and I managed to snag a cold from our excursions out into the outside world hence things are a little late this week.  It took me several days to work through food plans between lots of Noodle cuddles, Lex's parents coming to visit (this happened yesterday actually, not stressful just need to keep on the tidying because of our small home), realizing we need to get a new (used) car suddenly, the week just seemed too quick and busy.  But in the end we did make it and I do have a meal plan . .

This week we have fresh mushrooms & kale to use as well as plenty of frozen green bean.  Lex also just snagged some cheap salad greens so let's plug that into the equation. . .

Monday - Steamed potatoes, Green Bean Casserole
Tuesday - Baked Beans, Linda McCartney Sausages, & steamed potatoes
Wednesday - Spanish Purple Pepper "Beef" Stew
Thursday - Fried Buffalo Seitan sandwiches (seasoning inspiration) with Hot Wing Sauce
Friday - Loaded Fried Rice
Saturday - Mac & Kale
Sunday - Potato Bruschetta Cakes & Lentil Oatmeal Sausages

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