Saturday, October 18, 2008

A caring package

Most people know them as care packages but sometimes you gotta mix it up even if it's just a little. On the ppk I took part in a little swap. Organized by Katie at Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk (she's just great isn't she?) my partner was Erin in LA and my package came today. By a strange set of circumstances (i.e. we communicated well and sent the packages at the same time and via priority mail) her package arrived today too so we were pretty much both opening them at the same time.

Let's see what goodies we have here shall we?
This package was super cool. Full of stuff I wanted (just like asking Santa) and bonus neato bits.
A bag of chocolate coffee chips (I've never tried these!) and a bag of white chips. There were two rice forms (I've been wanting these to make my bento even more fun). One for traditional sushi piece size and triangular onigiri ones. I can't wait to play with these.

Staying with the Japanese theme we also have a little minature set (i'll try to set this up and add a pic, it's cute) and red bean cakes. I've been interested in trying red bean paste for a while but haven't gotten to it yet. It's good, unique but good. Lex says these cakes kind taste like dates. I agree, you could pass this off as dates. Not that you would have to but you could.
Oh and Mac got the best bit of all, in his little kitty opinion. The box! and tissue paper too?!?! You shouldn't have.
So the box is his new buddy.
He barely fits but he was determined to sleep in there.

So I need something special to use the chocolate coffee chips in. Suggestions?


kittee said...

i would make mousse or a ganache with them! sound yummy. maybe with a chocolate cake?


Ginger said...

mocha chip chocolate chip cookies, but with coffee in the cookie dough. i'm a sucker for a chocolate chip cookie though.

i love your cute.

Virginia said...

maybe im boring, but i say make coffee chocolate chip cookies!

Catherine said...

My kitty loves boxes, too -- he tried to sleep in an empty pizza box the other weekend!

I vote for mocha chocolate chip cookies, brownies, or cake!

Megan said...

Mocha muffins? I'd have a hard time not eating them out of the damn bag.

I lurve your kitty!

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Very cool!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Mac is sooo cute.
What an awesome package!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun! And Mac is just so cute! I think mousse would be cool!

Anonymous said...

I suggest using your mocha chips in scones or pancakes and enjoying them with a cup of coffee. Mmmmm....

Aissa-sah said...

That is what my boy does, too...cram himself into that tiny space...perhaps for amusement or out of determination

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