Thursday, October 23, 2008

Checking off some Vegan Hundred

Remember this post? The ol' Vegan Hundred. Knockin' some of them out today.
Yup, looks a little gross but it's on the list and this is actually the first time I've tried this stuff. Soyatoo is actually pretty good. Just another junk food to add to the list.

Then I got this mad craving for root beer floats. It's been ages. I made vanilla ice cream and picked up the most local root beer I could get in a bottle. There is some Burlington root beer but it's not available in a bottle so I'll try and talk about that later. I know a guy.
This is Maine Root Root Beer. Maine is pretty local and I'm from Maine originally so there ya go. This stuff is pretty tasty. I've always loved root beer anyway. A big ol' root beer float is just awesome.

Check off
35. Root beer float
75. Whipped cream straight from the can

oh, also
11. Nachos
I had those at New Ethic. Remember?


aTxVegn said...

I can never get the soyatoo out of the can. I'm waiting to try the powder kind I mix myself.

Ginger said...

haha! you went from all of that raw healthy stuff to all of that junk food. brilliant! keep 'em guessing!

B.A.D. said...

I am all over the nachos.

Anonymous said...

i've never had a vegan root beer float! oh man, i am craving it now. i LOVE soyatoo though, and have eaten it straight out of the tube MANY times :)

Happy Herbivore! said...

that rootbeer looks freakin' awesome! & a vegan rootbeer float? ugh, yum! That sounds sooo good!

Bethany said...

super sugar post or maybe I'm sensative because I was on sugar overload yesterday :)

I had that same root beer this summer. also my fave, sarsparilla. didn't find any birch beer.

atxvegn - you can buy soyatoo in a tetrapak and whip it yourself. or mimicreme. best ever whip is coconut milk based that I've had at a restaurant. yum!